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... in the Palatinate

Tourist region Palatinate with linked cycle routesTours are available using numerous themed routes in the Palatinate, as well as in combination with the Rhine Cycle Route. For instance, the German Wine Road Cycle Route (Radweg Deutsche Weinstraße) runs from north to south parallel with the Rhine Cycle Route and even when not in close proximity to it, the Wine Road Cycle Route is linked to it by numerous cross links. Closer to the Rhine Cycle Route and also running parallel to it for long sections is the Cabbage and Beets Cycle Route (Kraut- und Rüben-Radweg).




But why stray far from the Rhine? This great river offers plenty to see and do, and riding on the Rhine Cycle Route can be very varied. Firstly, bridges and ferries offer the opportunity to return to your starting point on the other side of the river and, secondly, trains and ferries offer attractive opportunities for transporting your bike.

Here is one example of a tour on the Rhine Cycle Route:


Speyer to Karlsruhe

Rhine section:Start in Speyer to Karlsruhe
Length:Around 50 km in one direction
Character:For the most part, the cycle path runs directly along the Rhine away from roads.
Special note:The tour can be shortened by using various bridges or ferries. As an alternative, the return journey can also be made by train or ferry.