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The Rhine Cycle Route in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The Rhine Cycle Route, one of the most popular long-distance routes in Europe, follows the river for 1,233 km. The Rhineland-Palatinate section of the route runs from the French border in the south to North Rhine-Westphalia in the north, covering approx. 335 km on the eastern side of the Rhine and 85 km on the western side. For most of its length, the route follows the riverbanks closely on level terrain and almost always uses dedicated cycle paths. Since 2007, details of the Rhine Cycle Route have been available in an international online format at www.rheinradweg.eu.

The Rhine Cycle Route in Rhineland-Palatinate

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  • Regions

    The Rhine Cycle Route in Rhineland-Palatinate runs through the Romantic Rhine, Rheinhessen and the Palatinate, all areas popular with tourists.

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  • Map

    Explore the Rhine Cycle Route on the map. A route planner for planning individual tours can be found at www.radwanderland.de

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  • Tour suggestions

    Our suggestions listed under the title "Cycling and listening to the Rhine" offer a selection of varied cycling tours accompanied by interesting background information and exciting history and myths.

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  • Cycling holidays

    Whether you prefer to ride alongside rivers or plan to detour from the Rhine up into the mountains of Rhineland-Palatinate – whether on a mountain bike or road bike – we can offer a cycling holiday package to suit you.

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