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Audio tours

Our suggestions listed under the title "Cycling and listening to the Rhine" offer a selection of varied cycling tours accompanied by interesting background information and exciting history and myths.

Titel des Flyers zur Audiotour: Radeln und RheinhörenSeven cycling tours, varying in length from 16 to 46 kilometres, invite cyclists to listen to the people of the Rhine, as they talk about their homes, the fascinating landscape, a past steeped in history, the myths and living with and on the river. This enables cyclists enjoying the Rhine valley to experience the stories and secrets of locations along the river between the Mäuseturm Tower and Drachenfels.


Click to listen to the audio files, download the tours onto your phone as MP3 files or scan the QR code on the flyer or on the signs along the cycle path.


The tours run along the Rhine Cycle Route, which is marked with the route logo. In some sections, travelling by ferry or train is suggested as an alternative, so a map is therefore not required. The flyer which you can download as a PDF or order from us will provide you with more information.



Radweg UmleitungFrom time to time, sections of the Rhine Cycle Route are affected by construction work intended to contribute to the maintenance or improvement of the path. Should diversions be required as a result, these will be signposted. If the construction work is long term in nature, information can be found at



The interviews were conducted in German so translations of the audio files are not available.