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(c) Südpfalz-Tourismus Landkreis Germersheim e.V., Fotograf: Norman P. Krauss - FähreWith more than 1800 kilometres of waymarked cycle paths and 34 themed cycle routes, the Palatinate is a true cyclist's paradise with its varied landscapes from the meadows of the Rhine to the peaks of the Palatinate uplands. As they ride along the Rhine Cycle Route crossing the Rhine plain, characterised by fruit and vegetable cultivation, cyclists pass through the pristine natural paradise of the Rhine meadows. In the summer, it is worth a refreshing detour to one of the many swimming lakes in the region. Always hugging the river bank, the Rhine Cycle Path runs through the imperial city of Speyer, with its UNESCO World Heritage site Speyer Cathedral, and on through the fortress town of Germersheim to the French border at Lauterbourg, Alsace.

A series of well-linked cycle routes takes cyclists to the "sea of vines" and the picturesque wine-making villages along the German Wine Route to the west on the Rhine plain. Exotic fruits such as figs and kiwis also flourish in this climatically favoured vineyard landscape surrounding important wine towns such as Landau and Neustadt. The remains of vineyard from Roman times, family-run wineries and wine festivals bring to life the wine culture of the past and present.

A little further to the west, cyclists reach the largest contiguous forest in Germany, the Palatinate Forest nature reserve, part of the cross-border Palatinate Forest/Northern Vosges biosphere reserve. The bizarre sandstone formations, spectacular castle ruins and the regional hut culture of the Palatinate are just a few of the highlights that make the Palatinate Forest so unique.

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