Interaktive Karte - Rheinbreitbach bis Kamp-Bornhofen - en - Radfahren, Fahrrad, Rhein, Rhein-Radweg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Touren, Tourenplaner, Rheinradweg, Radwanderland

Interactive map - Rheinbreitbach to Kamp-Bornhofen


Red: Rhine Cycle Route – Yellow: Network of cycle routes in Rhineland-Palatinate and neighbouring countries

For enlarged display in the route planner with additional functions (in new window).



Information at every click

The Rhine Cycle Route is marked on the map in red. Shown in yellow is the network of cycle routes in Rhineland-Palatinate. The more you zoom in on the map, the more details are shown. Places of interest, bus stops (with timetables), accommodation options with booking system and much more. Why not try it out!


When you switch to the "large" map – the Rhineland-Palatinate cycle route planner – you have access to more options including the calculation of individual door-to-door routes.