Routenlogo und Wegweisung - Radfahren, Fahrrad, Rhein, Rhein-Radweg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Touren, Tourenplaner, Rheinradweg, Radwanderland

Route logo and waymarkers

In Rhineland-Palatinate the route from Lauterbourg to Remagen/ Rolandseck/ Unkel is signed as below. The same signing is also used in Baden-Württemberg from Basel to Lampertheim:


Wegweiser in Rheinland-Pfalz



The green lettering on a white background ensures that the cycle route waymarkers are easy to recognise, and that they can be clearly distinguished from the yellow or blue road signs for motorised traffic. We use a system of waymarkers featuring the destination, distance information, bicycle pictogram and arrow (shown on the left), and intermediate waymarkers (top right).


The latter you will be familiar with from driving: "All directions" or also "main direction". This is what the intermediate waymarkers say, and you should always follow them if you want to stay on the marked routes.


Our themed routes are also marked with their own logos which are attached to the signs as separate stickers. So all you need to do to reach your destination is to follow these route logos. It couldn't be simpler.


Touristische InfotafelTourist signs

In addition to the waymarkers, you will find information boards along many themed routes.

These provide an overview of the section and the location, thereby serving as an additional means of orientation. The boards feature a route description and, depending on the location, also detailed information about sights, history or the surrounding countryside. Contact details for local tourism organisations in the region and further information are also displayed.