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Downloading GPS track - Rolandseck to Koblenz

Conditions for downloading GPS tracks

Dear cyclists,

The option to request and use the cycle routes of the MWVLW as GPS tracks provides you with personal use of the data as part of the "Radwanderland" initiative. We ask you to note the following:

1. Data ownership:

The data are solely for private use. Any commercial use is prohibited. After downloading, the data remain the property of the State of RLP and are considered as lent out for private use. The data may not be passed on to third parties.

2. Use of the data, liability:

Use of the GPS data is exclusively at your own risk and only for private purposes. The State of RLP and its partners will not be responsible for losses or damage of any kind arising from the use of these GPS data. The State of RLP and its partners make no warranty as to the correctness of the data.

GPS data (tracks) are only a supplementary aid. They are on no account to be used solely, but only as an addition to your own routing. The global positioning system (GPS) is operated by the US government, which can restrict or shut it down completely without prior warning.

I have read and understood the information in 1. (Data ownership) and undertake to use the data solely for private purposes and not pass them on to third parties.

I have read and understood the information in 2. (Use of the data, liability) and am aware of potential risks.

Confirmation and Downloading


Rhine Cycle Route

Ikon Drucken    


The Rhine Cycle Route, one of the most popular long-distance routes in Europe, follows the river for 1,233 km. The Rhineland-Palatinate section of the route runs from the French border in the south to North Rhine-Westphalia in the north, covering approx. 335 km on the eastern side of the Rhine and 85 km on the western side. For most of its length, the route follows the riverbanks closely on level terrain and almost always uses dedicated cycle paths. Since 2007, details of the Rhine Cycle Route have been available in an international online format at